TeX Live 2013 binaries for NetBSD

Since 2012, binaries for NetBSD are not provided anymore by TeX Live.

Here you'll be able to get appropriate NetBSD binaries for the upcoming TeX Live 2013, which is actually in its testing phase. When the final TeX Live 2013 is released, those binaries will be updated accordingly.


You can get the binaries (please be patient, this is my ADSL connection at home) here :


After downloading and unpacking the binaries, get install-tl-unx.tar.gz from one of the tlpretest mirrors, unpack it then run :

./install-tl -repository location -custom-bin path

where :

is the URL of one of the tlpretest mirrors
is the absolute path of the directory containing the binaries you downloaded

For example :

./install-tl \
-repository http://ftp.cstug.cz/pub/tex/local/tlpretest \

Then follow the instructions.

Warning for xindy users

If you plan to use the xindy indexer, you'll have to install the following packages from pkgsrc because they provide shared libraries needed by the xindy binary :